Prom and graduation are just around the corner, and with both of these comes one thing….group pictures! We have all had that awkward group-photo experience where everyone is confused about what they are supposed to be doing with their hands, if they should be squatting or standing, and “guys, are we smiling or are we being serious?” Here are a few tips on how to look supa fierce in every group pic.

  1. Get in sync: Not Insync, like the band, in sync like as in the same pose! One of the keys to a good group is to make sure you are all on the same page pose wise.FullSizeRender (50)
  2. Keep up the candids: I looooove candid pictures. They let your personality shine through! Just because it is graduation doesn’t mean you have to stand stiff and serious! Throw your hat, have a laugh, and hug your friends.
  3. Squat it out: Once you have mastered the “squad squat” you will never have trouble taking group pics again. When you need to fit a bunch of buds into one pic, file into a few rows, then squat your tush down.
  4. Pop a knee: An easy way to add some sass and attitude to a group pic is to do a little pop of the knee. A knee pop can actually help fit more people into the pic if you are standing diagonally!

Now go rock those group photos! Stay fierce.

XOXO, Chels