This week, my close high school friends have started leaving for college. The fact that we are all going our separate ways and are growing up is starting to hit me hard. I know I will make lots of new great friends in college, but I also don’t want to neglect my childhood friends because we have been through so much together! I want to be able to stay close to them, even when we are apart. Here are a few ways I have found to stay in touch with your hometown friends when you go your separate ways.

  1. Say a proper goodbye: Go out and have a special evening with your friends before you both go your separate ways. Celebrate your friendship, share fun memories, and wish them luck on their new adventure! Remember that it’s not goodbye forever, just for a little while!FullSizeRender (24)
  2. Set your expectations for keeping in touch: Talk to your friends about keeping touch. Remember that it is important to maintain your old friendships, but it is also really vital that you make new ones! Remind each other that you won’t be talking as much as you used to, and that its okay and doesn’t mean you don’t care about each other. You will both need to find a healthy balance between maintaining old friendships and cultivating new ones. Remind them that you can keep in the loop through social media, too! They can stay up to date with everything you are doing that way. The first week of school, it will be tempting to text old friends and check up with them on social media, but try and put your phone down and be in the moment.
  3. It’s OK to feel nervous: Realize that it is normal to be nervous about making new friends. Don’t try and fight your anxiety, embrace it!

Your high school friends will always have a special place in your heart, so keeping in touch is important!

XOXO, Chels