We live in the “selfie” age. Selfies are fun to take! Do you ever look at a girl’s Instagram selfies and thing “how DO they DO it?!” They seem to have the perfect selfie strategy. Here are 7 tips on how to take a great selfie.chels choose joy

  1. Wear the right makeup: Always add a little extra blush, because the amount that you see in person only shows up a little bit in photos.
  2. Location location location: Find a cool background or a pretty place to take your selfie! It will make your selfie more interesting and more fun to look at!
  3. Find your lighting: A good selfie always needs good lighting. Find your perfect lighting and light that smile up!
  4. Avoid the duck face: Pretty please! If you cannot find the right pose, just opt for your sweetest smile!
  5. Be smart: Everyone loves a good selfe, but when your Instagram page is nothing but selfies, we would have to diagnose you with an addiction! Diversify your page! Add some variety!

There is a science to selfies, and I have broken it down for you! Now go take the most drop dead gorgeous selfie ever!

XOXO, Chels