High school and college are rough, especially on a girl’s heart. They are full of boys and heartbreak. But, the wonderful thing about breakups is the feeling afterwards when you realize that you are completely and utterly over him and that you have come out of the ordeal on top. You are wiser and so much stronger! Here are 5 things you realize when you are completely over your ex.

1.    You realize that the time you spent together was not wasted. You earned a degree in “This is what I DON’T want in a guy!”

2.    You now have time for YOU. No need to worry about him or what he is doing, you can focus on you!

3.    Hey, you know what? Being single rocks! And now you can see that. You can go out with friends! You can stay in bed and watch Netflix! WOOO!

4.    You appreciate the lessons you learned from him. Hey, he might have broken your heart, but he taught you how to be a better person. And now you can appreciate that.

5.    You don’t stalk him on social media any more. Yes, he has a new girlfriend. And yes, you are kind of sort of curious what he is up to. But you know what? You are glad he is happy, because you are too.

You keep doing you!

XOXO, Chels