I heard a piece of advice the other day that hit me pretty hard and really opened my eyes. The advice was to be be aware of how you make others feel about themselves because it says a lot about you.

Why did this hit me hard? Because I had never thought of it that way. I had never realized what an impact my words could have on someone, and, in turn, reflect back on myself. Of course I knew that words are powerful tools and can do pretty severe damage when used negatively towards someone, but the way this advice spelled it out was different than anything I had ever heard. It is so true, what you dothough, that how we make others feel about themselves says a lot about us. If we are an encourager and build other people up and make them feel confident, then that shows that we are mature and confident in who WE are. If we cut people down, make negative remarks to them, or belittle them, this shows people that we are not mature and are not confident in who we are, so we have to bring others down to our level in order to feel better about ourselves. Who would you rather be? The encourager or the negative Nancy? Whatever you are, how you make others feel says a lot about your personality and the type of person you are.

I encourage you to treat others how you would want to be treated, and to treat them with love and respect to show others the mature, caring person that you are. How you treat others says a lot about who you are on the inside.

XOXO, Chels