Sometimes it’s tough being a teenager!  We have a lot of decisions to make at such a young age.  What friends should I get involved with?….Should I go to a party or not?….Where will I go to college?….What do I want to do with my life?….What path should I take?  Some decisions are easy while others can be very difficult.  I want to encourage you to make your decisions by praying about them and then being led by where God takes you.  Romans 8:28 says “We are assured and know that (God being a partner in their labor) all things work together and are (fitting into a plan) for good to and for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose.”Chelsea Crockett - Decisions

The great news here is that if we partner with God to make our decisions then He will guide us and use them for our own good.  Even if we make an incorrect decision, God can take that mistake and work it out for the better!  Our trials are often what leads us to our final destination. Although it may seem our trials are hurting us, God is working in weird ways to make those trials benefit us in the long run.  Sometimes we have to make decisions to play it safe and other times we have to make choices to step out of our comfort zone.  Often times we have nothing more than faith to help us take our next step.  Trust in God’s word and keep your heart ready and willing to obey….knowing that it just might take you out of your comfort zone but bring you to your best destination!

Love, Chelsea