Sometimes, being a girl can be rough. More specifically, PMS can be rough. Between the mood swings and killer 'cravings, what could be more uncomfortable? Chelsea to the rescue! I have the recipe for a PMS SOS smoothie that will rescue you from your premenstrual blues. Read on, dear ones!


–          6 ounces of fat free milk

–          1 tbs chocolate syrup

–          ½ banana

–          ½ cup strawberries

–          1 peeled kiwi

Add all of these ingredients together in your blender, add ice, and blend! This smoothie is super rich in calcium and vitamin C, which both work to combat your PMS symptoms. I know from experience that PMS is no walk in the park, so a girl needs all the help she can get! Whip one of these babies up next time you feel a little PMS despair coming on!

XOXO, Chels