Prom can be an expensive adventure! Knowing how much it costs can sometimes put a damper on your excitement because you are constantly worrying about money. Here are 3 ways to save some moolah on prom so you can have the best night ever!

  1. Dinner: with a little planning ahead, you can save loads on your prom dinner! Use the site to buy giftchelsea crockett homecoming cards for less than they are worth, for 10$ you can get a card worth 25$! Holy moly! And if you have a big group, you can get a 40$ card worth 100$!! If you all chip in, it will be super cheap.
  2. Hair: Instead of spending more than 50$ on an updoo, have a friend do your hair! If you have a girl friend that loves doing hair and is talented at it, she will be honored that you want her to do your hair!
  3. Pictures: If your parents or someone in your group’s parents have a nice camera, have them take your prom photos instead of spending money on a photographer! My dad takes my group’s pictures every year. He loves it! DaddyLiciousInsider!

Saving money is always a good idea, especially on things as pricy as prom! Hopefully these tips help you save on your big day!

XOXO, Chels