Sin is expensive. Incredibly expensive.

The price isn’t paid in cash, though. It is paid in mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. God didn’t create a random list of things we should and shouldn’t do to see if we could follow them. No, He laid out a set of essential guidelines for living in the Bible for us to follow. His anger towards lying, stealing, cheating coveting, murder, jealousy and pride is because all of these actions destroy relationships. Everything that the Bible labels as sin is something that God is trying to protect us from. His desire is love, peace, grace, and harmony with Him and all of creation. Sin is our defiant rejection of this in an effort to satisfy our own selfish desires.

Ravi Zacharias, a well-known evangelist, says “Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay.” Sin is the most expensive thing out there. For those of us who have professed Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, sin cost God his only son. For those who are not followers of Christ, sin costs a person their soul. Sin causes us to lose what we hold dear. Family, friends, jobs, home, all of these things can be lost due to sin. It separates us from God’s blessings and alienates us from those we love. Sin also causes us to be restless. Guilt from the things we have done can cause us to lose sleep and can rob us of our happiness.

You can easily become a slave to sin. We lose control of our lives and the things we value over our relationship with Christ become addictions. We lose our joy. The happiness in our heart, the joy in our souls, and the hope in our lives is dissolved. Sin also effects our health, whether it be from substance abuse or emotional sickness. Guilt and shame can slowly eat away at you. It can make you frozen with uncertainty and question everything. In my life, the times when I was the most depressed and down were the times when I was living the way I knew I shouldn’t. When you know better, it makes it that much worse. My sin cost me happiness. I could have been doing so much more, but my sin distracted me from my goals. When your eyes are open to your sin, you realize how much it cost you.

You and I cannot afford the high price of our sins. They are infinitely expensive because they are sins against God. Fortunately for us, God paid that infinite debt of sin by sending His son to die for us. We can show Him gratitude by asking for His forgiveness when we sin and disappoint Him. Like I said, we cannot afford sin. Asking for forgiveness and praying for protection from the temptation to sin cuts down on the side effects, but ultimately, we are indebted to God because he footed the bill for our indiscretions. By His wounds we are healed. We must never forget the price He paid.

XOXO, Chels