Our culture is so fast paced and dominated by technology. With all of the distractions around is, it can be easy to forget how important it is to show people we are thinking about them, we love them, and we care about them. How long has it been since you told your best friend you were thinking about her? If you don’t see her every day, it can be easy to forget to remind her how much she means to you. Same goes to your sister or your boyfriend. Here are a few ways to let the people you care about know, well, that you care about them!

  1. Handwritten notes: Knowing that you spent the time to hand write them a letter will warm their heart. Handwriting someone you love a letter is even shown to decrease YOUR stress and improve your mood! Everyone loves getting a “love note.”
  2. Remembering the little details: Does your bff have a test on Tuesday? Text her that morning and wish her luck! Does your boyfriend have a big baseball game coming up? Text him before and let him know you are rooting for him. You can even show up to the game with his favorite snack and give it to him after the game. He will be so impressed you remembered what his favorite candy bar is and thought to bring it to him! Remembering the details shows how much you care.
  3. Random surprises: Out of the blue gifts are so fun to receive because you had no clue it was coming, and it can totally brighten your day! Doing random acts of kindness is not only great for others, but it is good for you as well because it increases your mood! Surprise your sister with flowers today and watch her face light up.


What gestures make YOU feel loved?

XOXO, Chels