What does the word “pretty” mean to you? When you hear it, what do you think about? The vast majority of us associate the word pretty with appearance or looks. “That dress is pretty”, “Your eyes are pretty”, e5e369962c299f9e4acdda1d9fbfbeec“That lipstick looks pretty on you”. Today we are going to talk about a different kind of pretty.

Let’s start being all kinds of pretty. Pretty kind, pretty smart, pretty tough, pretty funny, pretty strong, not just “pretty”. I saw a image the other day that summarized this and it really struck me. How many of us spend so much time worrying about what we look like and set aside other kinds of pretty? Our society is so focused on outside appearances, when what is the most beautiful about all of us is what is inside. I just wanted to challenge you to start thinking about having a pretty attitude, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul, not just a pretty face. That being said, your face is totally gorgeous. 😉

Its time to stop worrying about just being “pretty” and start being all kinds of pretty.

XOXO, Chels