Believe it or not, final exams are just around the corner! What is your studying game plan? To succeed you need to have a plan of attack. Here are the measures I take to make sure I am prepared to dominate my midterms, or any sort of exams for that matter!

  1. Dress for success: Keep it cozy. There is nothing more distracting that an itchy sweater or too-tight pants. I always opt for comfortable combo like yoga pants and cozy over sized sweater. When you are studying, you want to be comfortable.
  2. Put away distractions: Silence your phone, turn off the radio or TV, let yourself study in silence!
  3. Snack healthy: Prepare yourself for studying by snacking on things that give you healthy energy and keep you fuller longer.
  4. Take breaks: Experts say that if you get up and walk around every hour you are studying it helps you concentrate more. During your hour break, give yourself a reward like 5 minutes on social media.
  5. DON’T CRAM: Do not not NOT cram the night before a test! Study in bits the week before the exam. It will help you feel more prepared and less panicked!

Good luck, you will kill those exams!

XOXO, Chels