College dining halls can be a bit of a letdown. I mean, nothing beats momma’s cooking! One way to make the food more bearable is to build your own concoctions out of it! Here are a few ways you can make college food your own.

  1. Ice Cream Creations: Pretty much every college dining hall has a soft serve machine. And most have a cereal bar. What does fca99fa70641549749a95e8daf0c26f22dfedd40_600this mean? Endless ice cream toppings! Cocoa Puffs, meet vanilla ice cream.
  2. DIY Trailmix: Take a plastic baggie with you when you go to the dining hall to eat and fill it with chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, and seeds from the salad bar and ice cream bar. Mix all of your findings and take them to class for a snack! Genius!
  3. Pizza Bagel: Microwave a toasted bagel with sauce from the pasta line and cheese from the salad bar! Deeeeelish!
  4. Ice Cream Floats: Ice cream machine? Meet soda fountain. Endless ice cream floats = heaven.
  5. Breakfast Burrito Bliss: Combine scrambled eggs with cheese and beans from the salad bar to concoct yourself the ultimate breakfast burrito!


There is no shame in getting creative with cafeteria food! You gotta make the best with what you’ve got to work with. 😉          

XOXO, Chels