Your best friend is your sister from another mister. She knows all of your quirks and pet peeves, and she knows how to push all of your buttons at the same time ;). She is the one that helps you get over guys, and is always there with a tub of ice cream and a movie when things are rough. Here are 15 things that only your best friend understands.


  1. Why it’s totally acceptable to scream when “your song” comes on the radio.
  2. Your deepest insecurities.
  3. The nicknames you use for people.
  4. The things that you each like most about yourselves.
  5. When to let you get all wrapped up in your boyfriend and when to be with you 24/7 when it doesn’t work out.
  6. Your sense of humor.
  7. Why you have to awkwardly hide from certain people you see in public.10402641_450377931764082_4731870425089678851_n
  8. How necessary it is to watch your TV shows together.
  9. How great of a shower singer you truly are.
  10. The amount of time it’s really going to take you to get ready when you say twenty minutes.
  11. The loves you never really got over.
  12. How to reason with you when you are uncontrollably upset.
  13. What snacks to buy when you need to vent.
  14. The right moments to tell you when you’re being a jerk.
  15. The right moments to tell you that everyone else is being a jerk.


Does this list sound like you and your best friend? It sure sounds like mine!

XOXO, Chels