How many times a day do you check your phone? I’m scared to count. I am afraid to know how much time I waste on it! Think of everything you could do with your time instead of checking your phone. Here are 10 things to do instead of checking Instagram for the 15th time today.

  1. Start a to-do list
  2. Go on a run
  3. Clean your room. Clean the kitchen. Clean the bathroom. Go on a cleaning spree!
  4. Take a napdownload (6)
  5. Go to a coffee shop, buy a hot cuppa joe, read a book, and people watch
  6. Make a bucket list
  7. Cook yummy things for yourself, or your friends
  8. Clean out your closet
  9. Go through old pictures of you and your bffs during your “awkward phase”
  10. Go pick up your best friend and go on a walk together and talk about that awkward phase mentioned above.

Keeping your phone at arm’s length and checking it only every so often can leave so much free time open! Try it and see how much more time you have during your day.

XOXO, Chels