First dates = one of my least favorite things on the planet. They can be super awkward sometimes, and you get so nervous before them, and ugh. There are a lot of things we cant control when it comes to first dates, and the uncertainty is what makes us so nervous. There are a few things you CAN control that can make the date go more smoothly, and they are how you behave. Here are things you should always do on a first date.

  1. Dress to impress: both him and yourself! Usually, before a first date I try on lots of different outfits in hope of finding one I think will impress my date. Instead of trying to impress HIM, impress YOURSELF. Wear what makes you feel like you! Be confident in what you are wearing and he will notice!FullSizeRender (46)
  2. Be honest: If you are having a good time, say it! And if you aren’t, don’t say “I’m just not feeling it,” but also don’t tell him that you “want to do this again sometime.” If you didn’t like it, just tell him thank you for the date, and if he asks you out on a second one, just be polite and say no.
  3. Be polite: Say please and thank you. People notice when you do and when you don’t! If you want to make a positive impression, mind your manners. Put your phone away and give him your attention.
  4. Just be you: This is the most important point. First impressions are so so important, so make sure you give your date a good look at who you are. If you are an outgoing person, be outgoing! If you are not, don’t force it! Don’t be someone you think your date would like, just be yourself.

And finally…have fun! Yes, first dates are nerve wracking, but they can be the start of a beautiful thing!

XOXO, Chels