Are you in a long distance relationship? When I talk to my friends who have been in or are in one, they say that it is really tough. When you are dating someone, you want to be with them and spend a lot of time with them, but when you are in a long distance relationship, you only get to see your boo thang every once in a while. Here are some tips for my ladies who are strolling down the “long distance relationship” road.

  1. Forget the haters. Those people that tell you your relationship will never work? Don’t pay them any attention. Surround yourself with people who will bring you up and support you and help you through the times that you are missing your boy so bad it hurts.4f60dbba30514.preview-300
  2. Plan phone/Skype dates. Communication is important in any relationship, but even more so in long distance relationships. Make plans for a Skype date, like a time and day. Dress up, put on some makeup, do your hair, and act like you are really going on a date. Talk about any and everything with them.
  3. Have a life. What I mean is, don’t sit around the house and mope about missing your boy toy, and don’t not go out and have fun because you think that you can’t because you have a boyfriend. Trust is big, so trust your guy to be able to go out with his friends and have a good time. At the same time, he needs to trust YOU too.

You can do it, ladies! As my boy Hunter Hayes would say “Love don’t know what distance is.” You got this.

XOXO, Chels