To some people, writing is as easy as breathing. They can sit down at their desk, open their laptop, and crank out a fabulous paper. For others, it is not that simple. For those people who aren’t natural born writers, having to write a paper can be miserable! With the end of the semester approaching, there is a lot of paper writing looming. If you are someone who struggles with writing, here are a few tips that have helped me become a better writer.

  1. Stay organized: Once you know the topic you are supposed to write about and have researched it, organize a draft. Diagram out, using bullet points, what information will be in your intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion. This will help you during the writing process to see where you want to put what info so you don’t forget it! Or, if you are writing a blog, once you find your topic, figure out what you want your main points to be so you can focus your paper around them.
  2. Know your audience: Are you writing for a professor? For a group of peers? For a scholarship? Know who you are writing to! Is the paper supposed to be serious? Humorous? Informative? Know the tone of the paper as well. Once you know your audience and tone, you can use your wording in your paper to relate to your audience and communicate your point.
  3. Get feedback: It can be scary asking for feedback, even if it is just from your mom or from a friend, because it could mean rejection or they could have a lot of corrections and make you feel silly. But, the only way to improve is to get feedback about what you could be doing better!
  4. Read!: How are you supposed to know what good writing looks like if you don’t read? Become a reader. It will help you know what style of writing you like best, and will teach you how to become better!

Just like any skill, writing takes practice! Becoming a great writer is not impossible, and it is a great skill to have! You can do it!

XOXO, Chels