Do you have a roommate? Are you going to have one soon? Sometimes they can be your best bud, and other times they can be a pain in your boootay. Living in a room the size of an airplane bathroom can be tough on anyone. Here are a few ways on how to keep your cool with your roomie!

1. Be Honest

If you know you are a night owl or a neat freak, tell your roommate. Ask what their pet peeves are so you know to avoid doing those things, and always try and be open to their opinions and concerns.


2. Address Issues Right Away

When an argument or problem arises, talk to your roommate immediately. Don’t complain to other people or tweet about it! It is better to calmly approach your roommate and let them know what is bothering you. A lot of issues start off small but can escalate super quickly if they are not addressed right away!

The Golden Rule totally applies here. Treat your roommate as you would like to be treated. This means, don’t borrow clothes without asking or eat your roommate’s food without permission. Don’t bring a ton of friends to the room when you know they have a big exam the next day that they are studying for. Also, always ask before bringing friends over to the room! 3. Be Respectful


I hope you have a great time at college, make tons of friends, and even better roomates! J

XOXO, Chels