Let’s face it. As high school students, we aren’t exactly made of money. So, when it comes to dates, we have to be a little stingy. But just because we aren’t rolling in the dough doesn’t mean we can’t have super awesome, super romantic dates! Here are a few awesomely affordable date ideas for you and your honey this Valentine’s Day.teen-dating-image-1

  1. Cook dinner together: Going out to dinner can get pricy, so why not cook your very own feast! You two would have so much fun in the kitchen laughing and joking around, plus you can enjoy the fruits of your labor together!
  2. Have a game night: Game nights are seriously the best. Don’t underestimate the power of Monopoly! You two will have so much fun seeing each other’s competitive side!
  3. A night out: There are so many free/cheap things to do around your town, I guarantee it! Go ice skating, to a museum or exhibit that is “love” themed, go on a walk through the park, stuff like that! Just being together will make Valentine’s Day special.

I hope this gave you some cheap ways to spend your Valentine’s Day! Who says saving money isn’t fun?

XOXO, Chels