Okay gals, how many of us sit and daydream about our perfect guy? Most of us talk about what our prince charming is like to our girlfriends and gush about meeting him one day. If you are like me, you even have a list of what your perfect guy is like, from personality to physical traits. Do you ever wonder if guys do this too? Make lists of what they want their future Mrs. Right to be like? If so, do we measure up to that list? Well, I wanted an answer, so I consulted one of my Christian guy friends. Here is a guy’s perspective of what they look for in a gal. He says:FullSizeRender (83)

Guys’ minds really don’t operate the same as girls (surprise surprise!). In fact, most guys don’t really know what they want until they’ve found it. Now, I can’t speak for all guys when I say that, but among my Christian guy friends, there are 2 things we look for: if there is a spark between us, and if she loves God. We want a connection that gives us butterflies, just like you do. We want to be attracted to them both on the surface, and to what is in their hearts. We want to be able to hold a deep, intelligent conversation, but also have fun and goof off. Each guy is different in what they look for as far as a “spark”. Like I said before, us Christian guys also want a woman who is chasing after God and seeks His wisdom in her life. We want someone who cares for others and who inspires girls around her. But, like we said, we don’t really 100% know exactly what we want until we actually find it! Here is the most important thing: stop trying to be someone you think guys will like and be who you want to be, because the right guy will like exactly who you are.

Well said! Sometimes your guy friends can be a great source of wisdom, am I right?

XOXO, Chels