Have you ever wondered what goes on in a guy’s brain? Well, I picked apart the brains of a few of my guy friends, and I have some answers to a very important question: What do guys look for in girls? Want to know? Read on!

1. She has morals and sticks to them.

The boys said that a girl who has a sense of right and wrong and knows what she stands for. They like a girl that sticks to her faith and what she believes in.

2. She has Inner beauty.6122149462958582_6bIj0GJ8_f

The boys say that a girl who has a beautiful, genuine personality is the most attractive girl of all. They told me that a girl who has a great personality is more fun to be around! They also make you feel good when you are with them and they make you want to be a better person.

3. She gives you space and freedom.

The guys said that they love a girl that can give them some space! They like a girl that can trust them and let them chill with their friends and give them space. Needy girls are a no-no according to them! They also say that they like girls who are flexible with plans and go with the flow.

4. She is faithful and doesn’t flirt with other guys.

The boys told me that the most annoying thing that a girl can do is to flirt with other boys while they are dating. They told me that “If you are in a relationship, then don’t flirt with other guys! Duh!”

5.She takes care of herself.

This is the last piece of insight the boys gave me. They said that they like a girl that knows how to take care of herself! They like a girl that can dress up for a date, but can also dress down when hanging out and watching movies. They like a girl that can feel confident about themselves!


I hope that this info gives you a little insight into the male mind!

XOXO, Chels