Do you ever wonder what to look for in a boyfriend? Well have no fear, Chelsea the love doctor is here! Ill give you a few tips on what to look for in order to find a quality boy. J

  1. You have to be compatible! Duh! If he is super sporty and you totally despise all forms of physical activity as well as any sport on the planet, then you might not be such a great match. Ya know what I’m sayin? You have got to have similar likes and dislikes or else you will have nothing to talk about!
  2. Find someone who is easy to talk to. The best feeling in the world is having someone you can share everything with. It is awesome knowing that ifchelsea crockett you have a bad day, there is someone there who can cheer you up.
  3. Find someone who shares the same beliefs and morals as you. You get along so much better with people who share the same ideas about life as you  because they understand why you believe what you do and why you live the way you live.
  4. Find someone you can be yourself around. Find someone who likes you for you! When you can totally be yourself around someone and know that they will like you no matter what you do, then you know that you have found a keeper!

Any boy would be crazy lucky to have you, beautiful lady!

XOXO, Chels