How many of you would say that you are the “mom” of your friend group? You know, the one who always has band aids and tampons and hand sanitizer in her purse to hand out if people need them, or is the one people call for advice, or is chosen as the one to drive everywhere because she is the “best driver.” This post is for those gals. The ones who always have a spare pair of sunglasses in their purse for anyone who may need them, or lotion in case hands get chapped, or cough drops just in case anyone catches a cold. This post is also for my college freshmen (holla!) who want to know what essentials need to be stowed in your college backpack. Here are the top 5 things you need in that sucker.

  1. A wallet: It doesn’t have to be your “everyday” wallet that is the size of a brick, it can be a small zipper one big enough to keep your license, school ID, credit cards and a bit of cash. It is always good to have this stuff in case of emergency. Or in case you need Starbucks. Either one, really. Oh, and stick your dorm key in that thing as well.school_supplies1
  2. Snack: Because being away from your dorm room/house, AKA where the food is at, calls for packing snacks. It is much cheaper to pack your own snacks rather than buying them on campus, and having munchies readily available keep your energy levels up and your hunger levels down.
  3. Headphones/laptop: Lots of my college buds have told me that they prefer to take notes on their laptops and use them constantly in class for power points and lectures and such, so a laptop is a must-have in your backpack. Also, if you prefer to study in the library or a place like Starbucks but you also like it quiet, you will want some headphones. Also, people tend to not bug you when you have headphones in.
  4. Planner/notebook: Even if you plan to take notes mostly on your laptop, it is good to have a notebook in your backpack just in case. I know from friends that professors may ask you to take out a sheet of paper for certain in class exercises or assignments, so it is always good to be prepared. Also, you NEED a planner in college! I know that between classes, social events, homework, and clubs I am going to be a busy lady, so I need a planner to keep myself on track.

Now, this is not by any means an extensive list, but it is a start!

XOXO, Chels