Recently I have noticed something. Something that has really started to bother me. It is the fact that, as girls, we no longer know how to give and take compliments. Why is this?

One of my philosophies is that we feel like we are being self-centered or “proud” when we take a compliment. When you are told a compliment, do you shrug it off? Why do we feel like we cannot believe the positive things other people tell us? Imagine if you accepted all of the compliments that are given to you instead of shrugging them off and trying to contradict them. How much would that change your self-confidence? Believing the positive things people tell us can be such a boost! We need to learn to see the good in ourselves that others see in us.fullsizerender-65

Now for my philosophy on why we sometimes have a hard time giving compliments. This, to me, goes hand in hand with the reason we don’t take compliments as well as we should. We don’t know how the other person will react to our praise, whether they will shrug it off or accept it. I think, as girls, sometimes we can let the jealousy bug bite us. We can think that by giving another girl a compliment, we are setting them above ourselves and making them look better than we do. WRONG. Giving someone else a compliment is the simplest, but most impactful thing you can do for them! Compliments are free to give, and they can make someone’s day SO much better!

Moral of the story? Give sincere compliments, and learn to take them in return. Accept people’s praise, because you are worth their affirmation! Don’t think that by accepting a compliment you are being self-righteous or prideful. Learn to confidently accept people’s admiration with a kind smile, and understand that you deserve it. We also need to know the importance of GIVING complements. They can honestly make someone’s day. How great is it knowing you can take someone’s mood and flip it around, just by telling them that you like their outfit? It is so easy to do, so why not humble yourself and give out a compliment or two?

XOXO, Chels