Have you ever heard the phrase “you’re prettier when you’re happy”? It is very, very true. There are a couple reasons why this quote speaks the truth, and here they are.chels prom

  1. Happy = Smile: You know it is true, when you are happy you smile! A lot of people say that the most attractive part of a girl is her smile! Also, smiling is just so fun!
  2. Happy = Good Mood: When you are happy, usually that means you are in a good mood! And when you are in a good mood, you are nicer to people. And when you are nice to people, it makes you VERY attractive! An attractive personality makes you so beautiful.
  3. Happy = Better Quality of Life: When you are happy, you enjoy life so much more. When you are enjoying life, you are in a good mood, which makes you smile, which takes your beauty to the max!

Try to make the best out of what you are given, and always try to see the positive in every situation. This will make your life so much more enjoyable. Also, surround yourself with people who encourage your happiness and also supply some of it, because you’re prettier when you are happy!

XOXO, Chels