What is the one thing that is almost as good as Thanksgiving with your family? Friendsgiving of course! As we get older, we start making traditions of our own, and one of my favorite new traditions is having a Thanksgiving with my friends, or “Friendsgiving.” Here are a few tips on how to host the best Friendsgiving ever.

  1. You make the main course, they do the rest: As the host of the party, you are in charge of the main parts of the meal such as the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. But the rest of the meal should involve your friends! Have them bring their favorite side dish or appetizer.this-aint-your-mommas-thanksgiving-happy-friendsgiving-7d42b
  2. Go all out DIY: No need for fancy decorations or décor, make your own place mats out of brown craft paper and other cute decorations with tissue paper and jars.
  3. Mason jars galore: Speaking of jars, use them as cups! You can even tie little bows around the necks of the glasses to make them a little more festive.
  4. Set the mood: Having the right background music playing gets the party going. Some good tunes playing low enough for people to hear them but soft enough for people to be able to hear their conversations can really set a relaxed but joyful mood.
  5. Send home the leftovers: Buy some to-go boxes and after the night is over, send leftovers home with your guests! College students love leftovers!! Especially Thanksgiving leftovers.

Happy Friendsgiving!

XOXO, Chels