A crucial part of being a follower of Christ is spending time with him and yearning to know him more and more.

When the day comes when we’re standing at the gates of heaven, we want God to know us and know of the time we’ve spent so deeply and so frequently with him.

There are many ways to get to know Him more, one of which is to have daily quiet times, diving deeper into God’s Word and dissecting what each part of the Bible means.

Over the years, I’ve discovered and put into practice several different plans and ways to do quiet times. There are three different ones in particular that I find extremely beneficial no matter how far along your relationship with God is!

5 x 5 x 5 Reading Plan

If you’re new at quiet times or reading the Bible, this is the perfect plan to get your feet wet.

This plan calls for 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and 5 methods to dive deeper into the Word. Just start with a simple 5 minutes and see where that takes you! This is a good challenge and it can keep you accountable day-by-day!

As far as 5 ways to dive deeper, you can memorize, underline/highlight, reword, question, or pray about what you read for the day. I challenge you to do all 5 of these to get the most out of your quiet time!


3 R’s Plan

This is one of my favorite plans. The three R’s stand for rejoice, repent, and request.

For “rejoice,” write down every part of the verses or chapter that gives you things to be thankful for.

For “repent,” write down anything that’s talked about in the chapter that God commands us not to do.  Think of which of these commands you struggle with, and write those down as well.

For “request,” write down anything you want to ask God for. Whether that be strength to stay out of the sin you repented or simply things you’ve been struggling with.

I always like to end with a prayer reviewing what I wrote down. This is the time to send your praises and requests to God!



This is a much looser version of a quiet time. Sometimes the less structure, the more you can let God speak to you!

Pick out a certain book or chapter of the Bible and read it once all the way through. Then go back and read it again verse by verse. Right down anything and everything that comes to mind. If you come across a verse that speaks to you, write it down.

End with a prayer and let your heart take over. Sometimes I even like writing down the prayer and simply letting my mind be open to whatever God wants to tell me! This also gives me the chance to go back and read what I wrote down in the future.


Which way are you going to try out? All of them are great places to start if you want to build a better relationship with God. Pick one and get started! 🙂

– Chelsea