Have you ever felt a little confused or lost about what God’s calling is for you? Sometimes you see people who seem to have fulfilled their God-given calling by using their gifts to work in ministry or an organization or business and wish that you could feel the same sense of purpose. The truth is, you are not alone. Many Christians around the world become confused about what God has called them to do. To me, everyone has multiple purposes in their life and doesn’t just have one main purpose. I think everyone has a personal purpose, a purpose with their family, and a purpose to others. If you have ever been confused about what God is calling you to do or have no idea what God wants to happen in your life, here are three ways that I have found God shows these things to you.

  1. Look at your past experiences: Many times God allows us to go through something and overcome it so that we can have the desire to help others get through the same thing. Your advice and experience may mean the world to someone. Helping others gives you purpose and inspires others to do the same.FullSizeRender (80)
  2. Other people’s stories: Sometimes when we feel like we don’t know our purpose we can be inspired by others. For example, maybe you went on a mission trip and were impacted greatly by the people you met and the lack of food and basic needs that were not being met, and this inspired you to want to help them. Seeing other’s needs and hearing their stories gave you motivation and you found purpose in helping make their lives better.
  3. Wanting to change: If other people’s stories or even your own story doesn’t help you to identify your purpose, then ask yourself the question “What do I want to change about myself?” or “What do I want to change about the world?” It doesn’t have to be something super deep or drastic, it can even be something as simple as wanting other young women like yourself to feel valued and loved by God. This desire could guide you to finding purpose in helping others or even bettering yourself.

God has a purpose for your life, even when it may not seem that way! He loves you like crazy, and he knows what you are capable of.

XOXO, Chels