Prayer is a powerful thing. Sometimes, it can be a tough thing to do. Our prayer lives reveal so much about our relationship with God, but there are times when we can put it on the back burner and it can get lost in the craziness of life. We get lazy, busy, or too distracted. Even if you are not much of a prayer, it is so important to maintain a strong prayer life. If yours is in need of a jumpstart, here are a few tips on how to make it happen.

  1. Write your prayers down: Use a journal to write your prayers down. Not only does this help you focus and allows you to vent and get your feelings out, it also lets you to look back at your prayers and see how God worked through them!
  2. Doodle your prayers: Yes, doodle! Grab a sketch book or a piece of paper and doodle while you pray. It can help calm your heart and help you surrender your worries to God. It will also be a fun way to incentivise yourself to pray.
  3. Pray through scripture: The Bible is full of prayers. You can take them and adapt them to your life, and you can use them as inspiration. The Bible is an awesome resource!
  4. Read about it: There are countless books written about prayer. You can also ask close friends or mentors about how they maintain a strong prayer life. Never be ashamed to ask others about their faith! They have most likely had the same struggles in their walk with God that you are having and can give you advice on how to overcome them.

Having a strong prayer life is essential. It is how we talk to God, and how he talks back!

XOXO, Chels