“Before you were born, I set you apart.” Jeremiah 1:5

Have you ever wanted something or wanted to do something so badly, and then when you finally did it you realized that it is possible you weren’t destined for that at all? For example, you may think you should be the one in front of the camera, when in reality, you should be the one working the camera. Maybe you feel the pressure to be in front of the camera because that is what others have told you, but after experiencing it yourself, realize that it is not the right fit for you.

This is because God has given each of us specific abilities, experiences, passions and talents. We are unique and there is no one out there just like you. We have been designed by the creator of the universe – and designed to do different things.

Do you look at people on Instagram and wish you were like them? Wish you looked like them, had a house like them, had a job like them, or wore the clothes they did?  Jealousy is a vicious monster. God made each of us different – and with different purposes. He set you apart from everyone else before you were even born. That is why we have to trust God’s plan for us and fight jealousy of others. He will see His purpose for your life come to pass in His own time. We must use the gifts and talents we have been given and see our differences as assets. I once saw a quote that said “We live in the past, dream of the future, and often miss today, this moment, the here and now.”

How true. We dwell on the things we don’t have instead of reveling in what we DO have. Are you using the assets God blessed you with? Have you been taking full advantage of the talents He has given you? He has set you apart. He has appointed you. Let that encourage and uplift you! The One who created the moon, the stars, the mountains and valleys, He created YOU!