Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her.” –  Luke 1:45

Think about all of the women in the Bible who had incredible things happen in their lives, like Mary Jesus’s mother, and Sarah, who had a baby in her nineties. What would have happened if they would not have believed in the power of the Lord?

Mary was just a girl living a simple life, engaged to a guy named Joseph. Then, all of a sudden, she is told that she will be the mother of the Savior of the world. An angel shares with her that she has been chosen by the Lord to complete this enormous task. This promise is not anything any human could ever bestow upon another human, it is completely Heaven-driven. In spite of her fear and confusion, Mary believes the promise she has been given by her God. As a result, she is one of the most blessed women among those in the Bible.

Luke 1:45 applies to each and every woman everywhere. It simply tells us that when God speaks and gives us a promise, we believe and are blessed. Sounds simple, but believing can be the most difficult part of this equation. It goes against our human nature to throw reason out the window and believe things will happen when the world tells us they won’t. But, as the verse tells us, if we believe, we will be blessed among women. We can hold onto that promise when we struggle to believe we are who God says we are, and struggle to believe the promises he has placed in our hearts.

Do you ever struggle to understand His promises? Like, how can He make this happen when it seems impossible? We want to believe they will happen, but we can’t understand how they actually will. But, what if we dropped our questions and just believed? What if we believed he could do anything, and do it through US? Women are incredible creatures. Even when we are a crazy mess, he can use us. God brought the Savior into the world through a woman. Just like Mary, he can create beautiful things through all of us.

God speaks amazing promises into our lives, and if we are bold enough to believe Him, we will be blessed.