There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the book “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. It is a super popular motivational book that came out in 2018. I’d like to offer a different set of advice, and that is “girl, read your Bible.”

In a world and society where girls can easily rattle off their favorite music group, coffee order, place to shop, and favorite travel destinations, be the girl that recall a memorized scripture to encourage someone right when they need it. We are tired, stressed, and looking for a release from the tension of life. Be ready to show your faith on a dime. Instead of using cliché phrases or quotes when giving advice, give biblical guidance. The problem with inspirational books and quotes and Instagram posts are that they take God out of the picture and lead us to self-empowerment. Our confidence should be based in Christ.

In a world and society where girls spend hours learning how to do their hair and makeup and style clothes to look more trendy, be the girl that seeks beauty that is not skin deep but in your spirit. That is true beauty.

In a world and society where anxiety and depression are becoming more and more common, be the girl who recognizes that the only hope and joy in the world is found in Him and not in the world. You can use your wisdom found in God’s Word to point these girls towards the One who offers true happiness.

In a world and society full of girls, be a woman. Be a woman after God’s own heart and a woman who seeks first the Kingdom of God, not what is trendy. When life is tough, draw near to Him and His word. Lean on Jesus and go to scripture before go to anyone or anything else. His word should be our first response, not our last resort.  When we do this, He provides the peace, confidence, and rest that we need. Rest your soul in Jesus. Only then will you find true peace.

Girl, go read your Bible.