Have you ever thought about how precious and special you are to God?  Many of us spend time feeling like we are not what we need to be.  We often compare ourselves to other people and assume something is wrong with us.  There is, however, a way to stop that negative thinking.  It is positively and frequently thinking and saying “God loves me unconditionally.”  God loves us and views us as being accepted and blameless.  Knowing God loves us unconditionally is a necessity to make progress in our walk with Him.Chelsea Crockett - God's Unconditional Love

Our relationship with God should be based on love and acceptance, not fear.  The enemy wants us to be focused on what’s wrong with ourselves.  But knowing we are accepted and loved even in our imperfection is such a relief.  God’s unconditional love gives us confidence, boldness, and fearlessness.  When you go to bed at night, repeat to yourself “God loves me unconditionally and through faith I am made right in His eyes.”  Add some power to your life and meditate on God’s Word!