Sometimes I find myself staring at my Bible, knowing I want to study God’s word and be challenged by it, but not sure where to start. A few years ago, I figured I would start at the beginning and read Genesis. After a short time I lost interest with that approach. Typically I will find a good study and use that to guide my reading, but sometimes you just want to pick up the Bible and let it speak to you. The problem is, where do you start?

The Bible is so big that it can be overwhelming. Some Bible reading plans lose me because they assign so many chapters a day that it looks like too daunting of a task. Why isn’t reading the Bible easy all the time? Shouldn’t it be?

No. Reading the Bible does not require you to feel comfortable and know where to start. Yes, there are times when God guides you to the passage that you need to hear at a time in your life, but some/most of the time, reading the Bible is all about being open to hearing God’s truth. We can’t expect our Bibles to fall open to the right passage. But, we can start small. Dip your toes in, and then you will be able to full-on swan dive into the deep end. Do some research on the people in the Bible. See if there are stories that have lessons that you are interested in pursuing.

I did this and learned a ton about Esther and her obedience and diligence to God’s call for her life. She became a huge inspiration to me. Another story that I pursued was the story of the wandering Israelites. It reminded me of how much we need God. While dipping your toes into the Word, you may just fall deeply in love with it. If this is what you are searching for, then keep reading! Here are a few tips on how to start reading the Bible so it doesn’t collect dust on your shelf and instead becomes the source of your wisdom.

  1. Start with a short book of the Bible. Some of the best books are the shorter ones. Those small doses can pack in a lot of wisdom.
  2. Seek understanding each time you read. The Gospel is so full of beautiful life lessons that we need to really pay attention in order to comprehend them all. Try and gain a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace when you read. Whether you read one verse, one chapter, or a whole book, find the wisdom in it. It is truly life-changing.
  3. Don’t compare your walk with others. Your walk with Christ is completely different than your friend’s! Don’t let the comparison trap distract you from what God is trying to teach YOU. Give yourself the time and patience to figure out what reading the Bible looks like for you, because it may look completely different from what others are doing.

There are also tons of online resources that help you learn to study God’s word. I know that my love for the Bible has grown tremendously ever since I began spending time in it. I learn something new each time I go to read.

Remember, it is okay to feel overwhelmed with studying the Bible. All you have to do is dip your toes in. Eventually, you will be able to dive in and uncover God’s truths and promises for your life! They’re waiting for you.