Did you know there are over 3,200 characters talked about in the Bible, and that only a select few of these named characters are actually women? Crazy, right?

Despite the fact that these women weren’t brought into the spotlight as much as others doesn’t defeat their purpose in the Bible. There are so many lessons and advice that we can take from these women that are just as important as the characters that we hear about time and time again!


Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is an amazing woman who feared the Lord and followed his plan for her life whole-heartedly. When she discovered that she would soon become pregnant, while unmarried to Joseph, she was terrified. A pregnant, unmarried woman in that society could risk being put to death.

No matter the risk that came along with giving birth to Jesus, she put her faith and trust in God and did just what He asked of her.

We can all learn from Mary’s actions. She risked people shaming and shunning her, she risked what Joseph would think of her, she risked the uncertainties that would come with childbirth… But she did just what God asked no matter what the future held. We should have this same faith in the plan that God has for our own lives!


Although not as well-known as Mary when we consider women of the Bible, Anna stands out to me. As a young woman, she lost her husband at an early age. Instead of blaming God for her misfortune, he became her number one companion, always talking to Him, praising Him, and worshipping Him.

In her older years, she actually had an encounter with Mary and Joseph, and baby Jesus. After seeing them at the temple, “she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.” She was faithful, loyal, and not afraid to tell of the gospel she was so excitedly waiting for.


 I think we all know the story of Adam and Eve. God told the two that they could eat from any tree in the entire Garden of Eden, except for the tree that God forbid them. After being tempted by the devil, Eve took a bite of an apple from the forbidden tree, bringing sin into the world.

We can all relate to Eve a little more than we think. We never plan on falling into temptation or deliberately going against what God says. But at the end of the day, the devil makes us all stumble, without us even realizing it at times. Be firm in your faith and on high alert for when temptation is around!

Although these are only a few lessons you can take away from the Bible, there are SO many more from so many other women! The Bible tells us these stories so we can learn from their actions, their mistakes, their trials, etc. We should always be continually learning from the past, especially when these lessons can strengthen our spiritual lives!

Dive into the Word and see what other lessons you can learn from those who were living right alongside Jesus!

– Chelsea