Inevitably, there is a Bible verse that can fit any situation you’re in. You can “go fishing” and find a verse that fills your current need. “Fishing” for a verse is a great example of “letting God” when you really aren’t at all. You are going to the right place, the Bible, but you are looking for what YOU think you need, not what He knows you need. This is letting go but not actually letting God. Why is it so hard to hand things over to Him?

Many of us are control freaks and cringe at the thought of taking our hands off a situation when we are so used to having control, or at least thinking we have control. This is where we need to focus on actually reading the Bible instead of pulling verses out of context. Yes, it takes much more time to read the full passage of scripture instead of the single verse. But, in order to understand the whole lesson or message instead of the verse that fits our situation, we need to take the time to read the whole thing. When we limit Him to one verse, we are only trusting him as much as one verse or one sentence of His word. That is not enough.

Next time you are doing a devotional and they give you one verse to read, go further and read the whole chapter or passage. It will deepen your understanding. There are so many more lessons to be learned beyond one verse. The same goes when you search for an inspiring verse. If you only read the verse you found, you miss the whole message. His guidance goes beyond one sentence. Trust Him more than that. Trust cannot go back and forth, it has to be steady. You must fully trust, because if you don’t trust all the way, you are still holding onto control and fostering doubt. Handing things over to God and surrendering your worries to Him is so difficult, but He didn’t make us to be in control of everything in our lives. It starts by having open ears and an open heart so we can hear everything, not just the things we want to hear. Listen to Him all the time, not just when you are wanting an answer from Him.

Let go and actually let God.