2 Timothy 4:17 says “But the Lord stood by be and strengthened me.” Have you ever felt like no one had your back and you were alone? This verse tells us that we never have to feel like that, because God has our back, always.

In situations where I feel like my faith is being attacked or I am being personally attacked, I always try to remember that the Lord is standing by me and strengthening me. Being on YouTube, I can read the comments on my videos, and sometimes they are not the timothysweetest words. Don’t get me wrong, there are way more sweet, nice comments and supporters than there are negative Nancy’s. But, sometimes those negative comments can overshadow all of the good. That is when I remember that the Lord with with me and is strengthening me. When you feel like you are alone in a situation, when you feel attacked or belittled, or you just feel weak and helpless, just remember that the Lord is always by your side, strengthening you.

You are never alone, and you never have to feel weak or helpless! God has your back, always.

XOXO, Chels