Have you ever wanted something so bad and worked so hard for it…and then didn’t get it? And you wondered why God would do this to you, you deserved it, right? It could be a scholarship, boyfriend, job, winning a sports event, anything that you strive for and want more than anything. Daniel 3:17-18 gives us a little reality check when we don’t get the things we really want.daniel

Daniel 3:17-18 says “And if not, He is still GOOD.” This means that if God doesn’t give you what you want or badly desire or have strived for, He is still good. He knows what is best for you, and maybe getting the job or boyfriend would have led to something negative in the future. He knows how much you can handle in your life, and He knows what your life has in store for you. Think about all of the other things He has given you in your life! You are incredibly blessed. He is SO good!

So, when you don’t God doesn’t give you exactly what you want or have strived for, just remember all of the other blessings in your life and that He is good!

XOXO, Chels