Daniel 3:18 says “And if not, He is still good.” This verse may sound like adanieln incomplete sentence or may make no sense to you, but recently this verse has meant a lot to me. Here is what it means.

The “And if not” part of the verse is talking about the things in life that we want to happen. It is the things we dream about or strive for. It is saying that if those things don’t happen for us, if certain dreams don’t come true or if certain doors close, God has it all under control. He is still good. I read something recently that really hit me. It said that God literally cannot sin, so

anything bad happening in our lives is caused by Satan, not God. God can do no wrong. If God closes a door or changes your path so you do not have an opportunity that you thought you would get, or if life isn’t going the way you planned, He is still good. He will still carry you. He is taking your path in a new and better direction. It may not seem like it right now, in fact it may seem like He has turned His back on you, but that is never the case. He is still good. In fact, he may have closed those doors because He knows that by closing them, He is opening the door to an even bigger and better opportunity for you.

Be patient, hold strong in knowing that the God who created the whole entire universe cares about you and knows all of your hopes and fears, and look forward to the bright future He has in store for you.

XOXO, Chels