We all have bad days. We have days where we don’t feel like ourselves, where we are mad or angry or sad and maybe take it out on the people we love. There are also times where we do things we know we shouldn’t be doing, and then end up feeling guilty or disappointed in ourselves. Lucky for us, God lets us push the “reset” button every day.lamentations

Lamentations 3:23 says “His mercies are new every morning.” This means that God doesn’t hold your mistakes against you, he gives you a chance to start fresh every day if you ask Him for forgiveness. God doesn’t want you to live in guilt or sadness because of how you acted or what you did in the past. He wants you to treat each day like it is a brand new gift and a fresh start. He shows you mercy by wiping your slate clean every day. We don’t deserve this, but we serve a gracious and mighty God. Because of His son Jesus dying on the cross for us, we are able to repent of our sins and are forgiven and made new.

I am so happy that I serve a God who gives me countless chances to do the right thing and start over!

XOXO, Chels