There are times in our lives where we are more worried than others. There are times when we have so many things going on and so many worries about that is happening now or what is going to happen in the future that we can feel overburdened and at our emotional limit. Philippians 4:6 says to “Turn your worries into prayers.” I love that message.philipians

Why worry when you can pray about it and give it to God? There are so many Bible verses like this one that tell us to give our worries to God and to not focus so much on them, because He has it all under control. Worrying does more harm than good. It can make us feel stressed, moody, and emotionally frazzled. I know firsthand how much of a negative impact worry can have on life. But, I have decided to turn my worries into prayers. I have decided to give my worries to God and trust in what He has in store.

Truting God with your worries takes such a burden off of you. It can make you feel free! If you are feeling heavy with all of life’s worries, give them to God.

XOXO, Chels