Psalm 34:14 tells us to “Seek peace and pursue it.” Are there areas of your life where you wish there was seek peacemore peace or happiness?

To me, seeking and pursuing peace means a couple of things. First, it means to not seek conflict. If you disagree with someone, you can respectfully disagree with them and politely state your opinion, but
there is no need to stir up drama or create a confrontation. Secondly, I think it is about your attitude. I happy, friendly person is definitely more peaceful and more calming to be around than an uptight or rude one. Being a person that makes the people around them feel at peace, happy and at ease is a big deal. It can be a great way to minister to people and also draws people to you.

If you want to set an example for others, then seek peace and pursue it. A more peaceful life means a less stressed and tense life.

XOXO, Chels