Esther 4:14 says that “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” What does that verse mean to you? To me it means that God has put you on this earth at this time and has placed you where you are and with the people you are with for a reason.esthter

Maybe God has you where you are in life so that you can be an influence on the people that you work with and go to school with. Maybe He brought on a major life-change that you weren’t expecting or wanting because He wanted you to be somewhere else to influence someone else. Maybe He has you where you are so that you can be more involved in ministries or Bible studies to strengthen your Faith. He may be opening and closing doors in your life because He is leading you to bigger and better things. If we are patient and are open to His calling, we can realize the plans He has for us and for the people we will influence. This verse in Esther is talking about when a woman in the Bible named Esther was told that “you were born for such a time as this” and in your life, you can make a difference where God has placed you.

You may not see the opportunity now, but if you stay willing and open to His calling, you will find so much fulfillment in His plans!

Maybe you were born for such a time as this. This moment in time. This stage of life.

XOXO, Chels