“That is SO goals” ,“Omg GOALS!”, “They are total relationship goals.” How many times a day to we hear people say these phrases? To me, these words seem trivial. Is your goal to really have a relationship like that person? They may wish they had a relationship like yours. Instead of setting minute goals such as the ones the world tells us are worth our time and effort, I say we focus on one daily goal: to start, stay, and end with Jesus.

  1. Start with Jesus: Morning time alone with God is crutial to maintaining a healthy relationship with Him. If it means setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier so you can read your Bible or a short devotional when you get up in the morning, then do it. You will feel so much better, more prepared, and encouraged going into the day after spending time with God!d8e146298932786e62eabfa869fc76f5
  2. Stay with Jesus: During the day, send up little prayers to God when He crosses your mind. Are you worried about something? Pray about it. Stressed? Pray about it. Also, throughout your day, make sure you are acting and presenting yourself to others in a way that glorifies God and brings attention to Him by setting a positive example for your peers.
  3. End with Jesus: If this means a prayer right before you go to bed or sitting around the table with family at the end of the day and praying as a family, make sure you close out the day by spending time with the One who gave the day to you in the first place. Confess your sins to him and ask forgiveness, then pray that He would work through you in the days to come.

Start, stay, and end with Jesus every day. Your life will never be the same!