Chelsea Crockett – Laminin – Colossians 1:17

Some of us make excuses when we are off track and living in a way that is completely self-centered.  I know, because I was stuck in this personal slavery for many years.  The emotional pain caused me to be stuck here.  I was in this place for so long, until one day, I began to even question the existence of God.

During the difficult times, I found myself using Science as an excuse to deny his presence.  I prefaced conversations about God with the argument that the overlap of Christianity and science is very, very small.  I couldn’t see the order and sequence in the universe because my life was in a state of  selfishness.

I’m sharing a video this week that will hopefully move you, if you are in a similar place in your life.  It’s also dedicated to people who need to be reminded of God’s unfailing love, existence, and his purpose in our living and breathing lives.