The women in the Bible were some pretty wise ladies. Their words inspire us, guide us, and give us insight. I love studying the relationship of women in the Bible who had deep, rich relationships with Christ. When we look at their words, we are reminded of what powerful faith looks like. One thing that links them all together is that even in the dark days, they find their joy in the Lord. Their faith was not perfect, but it was strong. These quotes are shining examples.

  1. Rebekah: “I will go.”

– “So they sent away Rebekah their sister and her nurse, and Abraham’s servant and his men.” (Genesis 24:58-59). Even in the midst of so much uncertainty, Rebekah stepped into the unknown and married a man she had never met. She trusted the Lord and obeyed His plan for her life. That is an important lesson for us – where He leads, we should follow.

  1. Sarah: “God has made me laugh..”

– “…everyone who hears will laugh over me.” (Genesis 21:6). Sarah laughed with joy because God gave her a bigger surprise than she could ever imagine. She was very old, yet God gave her a child – a child she had prayed for her whole life. Our God can do the impossible. He can make a barren woman pregnant. Sarah had doubts just like we do, but they don’t have to be the finale of our story. The Lord will bring joy and laughter to our lives and in our hearts. We just have to be patient and trust.

  1. Ruth: “Your people shall be my people..”

– “…and your God my God.” (Ruth 1:16). Ruth’s life was very difficult. When she said this quote, she had lost her husband and was living her life as a grieving widow and taking care of her mother in law. Through her grief, she strengthened her relationship with God. Her faith remained firm even in her toil. She committed herself to God’s people and His work. Just like Ruth, we must not turn back in our faith. We must move forward and continue seeking the Lord.

We can learn a lot from the wise women in the Bible. These three quotes are just a few examples of that. We can use their hardships, losses and victories as inspiration for how to live our lives.