Hooray for scarf season! Because this chilly yet awesomely fashionable season is upon us, I thought that it would be appropriate to give y’all some ideas on how to tie your scarves in a few different styles so you are not stuck wearing it in the same old loop all of the time!

The first way that I am going to teach you is for scarves that have tassels or pretty trimmings. First, you place the middle of the scarf at the front of your chest and hold the two ends with your hands. Take the two ends and criss-cross the ends of the scarf in the back. Next, bring the ends back around and tie them in the front. This style is super cute and gives off a kind of western vibe because it looks a little like a kerchief around your neck.chelsea crockett scarf

The second way is to make your own infinity scarf out of a regular scarf. Just tie the ends of your scarf together and viola! Most times regular scarves are cheaper than infinity scarves, so just make your own! Infinity scarves are so trendy and warm!chelsea crockett infinity scarf

The last way is to make a half bow out of your scarf. Adorable, right? Start with a scarf centered around the back of your neck. Make a loose knot on one side of the scarf near your collarbone. Leave a keyhole in the knot. Grab the other side in the middle and slide the middle through the keyhole, creating a loop. Tighten your original knot and fluff the one-sided bow!chelsea crockett bow scarf

Now go out and rock those fab scarves, ladies!

XOXO, Chels