Christmas is coming! Prepare yourself for all things red, green, and peppermint flavored. You also need to start thinking about what kind of decorations you are going to Christmas-ify your houses with! I have a super easy, super fun way to add your own touch of personality to your decorations this Christmas!

What you will need:

-Clear glass ball ornamentsChelsea crockett ornaments

– Black Sharpie markers

That’s all you will need! I got my glass ornaments at Walmart for 3$.  For this fun DIY you just draw patterns on the glass ornaments with the Sharpies in whatever way you want. I recommend cleaning the ornaments before you draw on them, because all of the dirt and oils that are on them can make the Sharpie not want to stick to the ornament. Some examples of patterns that I drew are below! I went with a tribal sort of theme, but you can do whatever you please! That is the cool thing about this craft, you can totally customize it and make it your own! You can hang these spunky ornaments on your tree, put them in a bowl as a center piece, or even use them to decorate your mantle! The possibilities are endless! And you are going to be SO proud when you get to tell people that you made them yourself!

Comment below and tell me what you would put on YOUR ornaments!

XOXO, Chels