Have you heard of the new trend called “gel” manicures? They are pretty expensive manicures where the top coat of the manicure seals the nail polish for a few weeks or more. It is super handy because the polish doesn’t chip or come off for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about re-applying your polish once it starts to chip. Here is a super cheap (only 5$!!) way to give yourself a gel manicure!

What you will need:


–          Gelous Advanced Gel Coat (you MUST have this!)

–          Any nail polish you want-

–          Any top coat you want

Make sure to follow the instructions on the back of the “Gelous” bottle, because they will tell you the exact technique on how to achieve this manicure! If you are having trouble getting the technique down, YouTube has tons of videos that will show you how to give yourself this manicure. Some of my friends did this before the Homecoming dance to save money and give themselves a manicure that would last, and it worked! I was super impressed with how they turned out. If you are a nail polish lover like I am, then this is perfect for you! You can find these products at your local drug store, such as Walgreens. So next time you are tempted to pay 30$ for a gel manicure at the salon, save your money and give yourself one for FIVE DOLLARS!!

XOXO, Chels